HelpDesk Support

We provide best in class IT support. Our friendly and helpful technicians are always ready to assist. 
We provide monitoring and support for our customers and the hardware and software solutions we've deployed worldwide.

We are "Your IT Department", meaning we provide the same service you would expect from an internal IT Department, at a much lower cost. Also most in-house IT professionals are not trained to provide as broad, efficient, or cost-effective support as we do. This provides a massive cost savings for our customers, as well as peace of mind, from the level of help they receive.

And from time to time technology issues may require an on-site visit.
Our Dispatch Services team provide these services to our customers from Nova Scotia to the Yukon. We have you covered. 

Contact Support

  1. Log your own support issue with our HelpDesk using the form below.
  2. Send us an email.
  3. Call us toll-free at 1-888-765-2072, or locally at 1-902-365-3000

Follow the menu options for Support, and our receptionist will log your call as if you had e-mailed it to us.

Emergency 911 Support

Our emergency support option is for situations that are mission critical and/or business debilitating. Please use our emergency 911 services respectfully, if your situation does not meet this criteria please use the appropriate normal support service.

To receive emergency 911 support, call 1-888-765-2072, extension 911 and leave a message in our voicemail box. Our system will automatically page several technicians every 10 minutes until it is answered.

Installation & Logistics

Do you have a new project, construction or renovation of an existing location, need new technology installed?
Let us manage the entire process for you!

Our specialty is retail and large projects. From start to finish, we help you manage your technology projects, no matter the size.
We work across Canada, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, and into the Northern Territories with trained, skilled installation and support specialists.

Let us handle the details!