Our systems have secure remote access for support purposes, so most support items are completed never requiring a site visit. Normally we can work as if we were an experienced employee in your building; however, most in house IT professionals are not trained to provide as efficient, or cost effective support as we do. If a site visit is ever required, we have technicians throughout Canada who can be in your building on short notice.

Timely, Efficient, and Cost Effective. Make us your IT Department

HelpDesk Support
  1. Send us an email.
  2. Call us toll-free at 1-888-765-2072, or locally at 1-902-365-3000

Follow the menu options for Support, and our receptionist will log your call as if you had e-mailed it to us.

Emergency 911 Support

This option is for situations that are mission critical and/or business debilitating. Please use our emergency 911 services respectfully, if your situation does not meet this criteria please use the appropriate normal support service.

To receive emergency 911 support, call 1-888-765-2072, extension 911 and leave a message in our voicemail box. Our system will automatically page several technicians every 10 minutes until it is answered.