A strong core infrastructure is required to power well-designed integrated systems.

Networks & Wireless

The network has evolved into a communications platform that gives you the power to use the devices and channels you need to communicate effectively. It serves as the backbone infrastructure for connectivity and throughput of your daily operations.

A network that's properly designed and deployed will provide security, reduce costs, cut downtime, and improve productivity. We provide robust wireless network planning and deployment, for both inside and outside the building.

Network Infrastructure

Structured cabling


Many overlook the importance of well-designed cabling infrastructure and the tangible benefits it can bring to their overall business operations. That is why for over 20 years structured cabling has been the starting point with most of our customer relationships.

Our professional structured cabling solutions not only maximize our customers investments in technology, it also allows us to focus on what's most important, giving you support, performance, and protection, while reducing overall costs.

Over 20 years of installation experience!
Network Cabling


Save valuable time and resources by having our team handle your plans and installation. With our installation services, your project can be completed on time and within budget.
Data Centre Cabling

Data Center Cabling

Our architects can help you design a cabling solution that meets your needs for generations of updates, efficiently deploying structured copper or fiber cabling on your facilty.
Planning,Installation & Support

Network Infrastructure

Remote Network Cabinet

Remote Cabinet

Elevate your network infrastructure with our cutting-edge Remote Network Cabinet, designed for efficiency, security, and effortless remote management.

Racking Equipment

Racking Equipment

Racking Equipment is the framework in which your technology infrastructure are stored. CBS takes special care when designing infrastructure plans, ensuring proper infrastructure deployment.

IT Server Room

Professional Cabling

Designed to meet the demands of modern businesses, our robust network infrastructure ensures reliability, security, and scalability

Clean Power

Clean power is vital for all IT infrastructure deployments. Much more than just a battery, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) protects your business-critical servers and systems when you need it most.

CBS standardizes on level 9 and level 5 rack-mounted and standalone tower UPS for all of our hardware solutions.