CBS is a strong Canadian technology integrator. We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality of cabling, network, hardware and software integration for computing, communicating, video surveillance and physical security requirements. This allows our business customers and their staff to realize improved internal efficiencies, while their customers enjoy higher standards of service with less staff effort and time.

CBS is nimble enough to be attentive to our customers, yet old enough to have a very stable business model, and large enough to have strong people resources.

CBS has no debt, has grown every year, and has been profitable every year since its inception.


CBS was formed in 1994 with a vision to provide world-class integration to medium sized businesses through affordable technology integration that normally is only enjoyed at enterprise levels.

Starting with careful planning for all aspects of the technology puzzle, every deployment is tailored to the needs and affordability of each individual business.  It is important to clearly define a strong technology transition path that is affordable yet uncompromising.  We have always had a collaborative approach which provides slow or accelerated transition from old infrastructure depending upon the customer’s available financial and people resources.  This careful migration initially moves the customer onto the right set of train tracks, while allowing a methodical replacement of legacy equipment.

The technology transition path may span several years, and includes sub-systems like: cabling, network infrastructure, phone switch, computer servers, data storage, work stations, and surveillance. Our technologies centre around strong mainstream vendors like Microsoft, Avaya, NEC, IBM, Cisco, HP, Sophos, Spectralink, etc.

Since 2004, CBS has taken an active interest in web-based software solutions for businesses. Online software and development now represents a rapidly growing part of our business. CBS partners with Nimbus Technology to provide email and website hosting, custom website design, browser-based application development, and integrations with hosted and on-premise systems, allowing online access to key product features.

CBS’s diverse product offering is currently used in many businesses across Canada.  Our integration products and services are deployed and supported using industry best practices.