Just as every house needs a foundation, every well-integrated system needs strong core infrastructure. Our focus on careful research, planning and installation is at the heart of our systems' continued success.

Certified Cabling

Network cable

Cabling is the longest-lasting part of all IT deployments and is often used over and over again for future systems.

CBS delivers end-to-end connectivity for voice, data, video and access control.

Racking Equipment

Server racking

Often overlooked, cabinets and racking equipment are the framework in which your servers, backups, UPS, and firewall hardware are stored.

Our team at CBS takes special care to lay out server racks with ease of use and future support in mind.


Power generator

Clean Power: Much more than just a battery, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) protects your business-critical servers and systems when you need it most.

Continuous Power: Gas generators are the most affordable and easiest generators to install, restoring power within 30 seconds of an outage.

Networks and Wireless

Network map

The network has evolved into a communications platform that gives you the power to use the devices and channels you need to communicate effectively.

A network that’s properly designed and deployed will provide security, reduce costs, cut downtime, and improve productivity.

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