Have you ever wondered what keeps your systems powered, connected, and running smoothly? Our team of technicians and systems engineers think about it every day!

Just as every house needs a foundation, every well-integrated system needs strong core infrastructure. Our focus on careful research, planning and installation is at the heart of our systems’ continued success.


We understand your need for computing systems that work. Period.

To ensure professional level stability and functionality, we partner with tried and true software providers such as Microsoft, VMware, and Symantec. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that CBS devices and software integrate seamlessly, working together like a well-oiled machine.


Audio quality is our top priority for wired and wireless voice solutions.

That’s why we partner with industry leaders like NEC and Spectralink, who believe that audio quality is more than just another app. Whether you need simple background music or an integrated communications network, we bring our experience and expertise to the table to make sure your voice solution fits you and your growing business.


We have extensive experience with the planning and installation of security systems, particularly in the very challenging retail environment.

Our security planning focuses on deterrence. This preventative approach saves you far more dollars than an approach focused on apprehension.

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